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New York Arbitration Week 2022
The Dawn of Cyborg Resolution?
Changing Roles for Arbitrator, Administrator and AI in Blockchain, Crypto and Cyberverse Disputes
Tuesday, November 15, 2022
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

As disputes become increasingly complex who will help navigate the onslaught of matters inextricably intertwined with sophisticated tech, data and artificial intelligence? Throughout every industry, cyber risks are on the rise: hacking, malevolent non-state actors, lightning-fast virtual warfare, smart contracts gone awry, and security threats abound. When borders are fluid, perpetrators anonymous and fact patterns hidden in code, how should the international arbitration community proceed? Panelists with experience resolving cyber-related disputes will provide a snapshot of where we are and offer guidance for the path forward. Smart contracts, who knew a contract is smart, while software code in the cyberese arbitrators involved in such disputes, be it international or domestic, may need to change their approach.

Featured Speakers:
- Paul H. Cohen, Barrister and Head of International Group, 4-5 Gray's Inn Square, New York and England & Wales
- Daniel B. Garrie, Esq., International Mediator, Arbitrator and Referee/Special Master, JAMS - Los Angeles, CA
- Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D., International Mediator, Arbitrator, Referee/Special Master, Neutral Evaluator, JAMS - New York, NY
- Joshua Ashley Klayman, U.S. Head of Fintech and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, Linklaters LLP - New York

Additional speakers to be announced.

This program is eligible for 1.0 NY CLE credit hours towards the Skills requirement.


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